Mobile gas delivery service


Residential communities are all about making life easier. Amenities and services put time back in your day so you can focus on your goals or sit back and relax. A few taps and Status Fuel brings the gas to you. Forget about weekly stops at the gas station, we make it so your vehicle will always be ready for you to just get up and go..

Provide us with a few details and we will have a dedicated account representative work with you to get things rolling. We’ll provide an onsite review and tutorial for a better understanding of how it works.

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A luxury amenity to delight your residents.

On days when your property is scheduled to get Status, we’ll send notifications to the registered residents to see if they want fueling. If they do, they simply schedule and pop their gas flap. We’ll drive through that day and service everyone needing a fill-up.

How it works?


Tenants Schedule delivery


A Status driver arrives to your location and delivers fuel.


Tenants are good to start their day



Our Safety Promise

The safety of our team and our customers is our highest priority. Our vans meet all DOT (Department of Transportation) regualtions for safe fuel transport, and our drivers are trained and certified to safely deliver fuel.


Pricing System

There is no fee for the property itself and we ensure a convenient service for the tenants with lower fuel prices, no membership fees and FREE delivery for all users.



Our Fueling Van

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